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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Sunrisers Programme?
    Sunrisers is a rewards programme that offers exclusive privileges to our valued customers.

  2. How do I become eligible for the Sunrisers Programme?
    To qualify as a Sunriser, the following criteria must be met:
    • Sign up for a Bespoke Contract + $179 Add-on or Bespoke Contract (Business) + $77 Add-on OR
    • Customer's line must be with M1 for at least 12 months and have an average monthly billed amount of at least $300 for the last 6 consecutive months. (i.e. >=$1800 in the past 6 months bill). Eligible bill plans exclude Family Plan, Data/Supplementary Plans.
    Customers who are Foreigners under work permit, Minors under the age of 21 years old, or on Fixed Corporate Data Lines are not eligible for the Sunrisers programme. Enrolment to the programme will be at M1’s absolute discretion.

  3. What happens if my spending falls below $300 in one of the 6 months?
    The 6-month eligibility period is a moving window. If you do not qualify in the last 6 months due to 1 month's lower-than-average bill, we will review your eligibility from the first month when the spending falls within the criterion.

  4. How do I sign up for Sunrisers Programme?
    There is no need for you to sign up as the membership is strictly by invitation. Once you meet the qualifying criteria, we will send you a welcome pack to inform you of your membership.

  5. How do I know if I am enrolled in the Sunrisers Programme?
    Once you reach the Sunriser status, we will e-mail you a welcome pack to inform you of the commencement of your membership.

  6. Do I need to pay for the membership?
    No membership fee is required to be paid.

  7. How long is the membership valid?
    Membership is valid for a 12-month period from the month of enrolment.

  8. Do I get priority treatment for being a Sunriser?
    Yes, all Sunrisers are given priority service. When you call through our hotline using our registered Sunriser mobile number, our system will recognise the number and we will give your calls top priority. To ensure that your calls receive this priority treatment, please call us via your Sunrisers mobile line.

    Similarly, you get to enjoy priority queue when you visit us at selected M1 Shops. Simply identify yourself as a Sunriser and you will automatically be given a priority queue number which gets you to the frontline in a shorter time.

    Priority queue at selected M1 Shops may not be available during peak periods.