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Fixed Voice


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are the charges like for M1 Fixed Voice Service local calls?
    All incoming and outgoing local calls to any fixed or mobile telephone line from M1 or other operators are free.

  2. Can I receive or make overseas calls with M1 Fixed Voice Service?
    Yes, you can. Incoming overseas calls are free while outgoing overseas calls will be charged at the prevailing rates.

  3. Can I keep my existing number from other operators?
    You may keep your existing fixed line number with our number retention service which is provided free for all customers. All you have to do is fill up a number porting application form and your number port will be effective in approximately 5 working days from the activation of your M1 Fibre Broadband (or 5 working days from the time of application for existing M1 Fibre Broadband customers).

    You may visit any M1 Shops to apply for the service. Existing M1 Fixed Voice customers may also call our customer hotline 1627 to apply for the number retention service. The number to be ported in should be active at the point of request and not be linked to any other services as part of a bundle. All applications are subjected to the approval of the other operators.

  4. Do I need to be subscribed to M1 Fibre Broadband to subscribe to fixed voice?
    Yes. To enjoy M1 Fixed Voice service, you will need to subscribe to M1 Fibre Broadband service.

  5. I have already subscribed to M1 Fibre Broadband and Fixed Voice service. How do I begin using the fixed voice service?
    You can simply use a standard RJ-11 phone cable to plug your home phone into the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed by M1 when you sign-up for Fibre Broadband.

  6. Do I need to keep my ONT switched on at all times to use M1 Fixed Voice?
    Yes, as M1 Fixed Voice is connected to your ONT, you would need to keep the ONT switched on at all times in order to receive calls through your home phone.

  7. What are the Value-Added Services available for M1 Fixed Voice service?
    You may select from the following VASes for your fixed voice service. Please login and subscribe via Manage My Account or contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1627 to subscribe to the service.
    Each VAS at $2.14/ month VAS Package at $4.28/ month
    Call waiting
    Call divert
    Call barring (outgoing)
    3-party conference call
    Caller number display
    Caller number non-display
    Caller number display
    Call waiting
    Call divert
    3-party conference call

    To activate your Fixed Voice VAS, click here for instructions.

  8. What is the cost of M1’s IDD service?
    M1 provides IDD 002 or IDD 021 for overseas calls. There will be a 30% discount on listed rates for the two IDDs. Please click on the available links to check country codes and listed rates for 002 and 021 services.

  9. Does M1 publish its residential customers’ fixed voice numbers in telephone directories?
    In accordance with guidelines, M1 will no longer be publishing the residential directories from 2014 onwards. However, M1 is obligated by regulations to exchange the names, addresses and telephone numbers of our subscribers with other fixed-line operators for the purpose of providing directory enquiry service (100 telephone enquiry service) as well as integrated directories (published directories of Singapore fixed line numbers) should the operators choose to offer residential directories. M1 subscribers who do not wish to have their fixed voice number listed in the integrated directories and directory enquiry service can choose to have it delisted.

  10. I do not want my number to be available in the directory enquiry service or any other directory listings. How can I remove my number from these directory services?
    You may contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1627 to have your fixed voice number delisted from the directory enquiry service and/or the integrated directories.

  11. Are there any charges involved if I would like to remove my number from the directory enquiry service or other directory listings?
    M1 Fixed Voice customers will enjoy a one-time free number delisting service from both the integrated directories service and the directory enquiry service. Thereafter, an administrative fee of S$5.35 (inclusive of 7% GST) is applicable for subsequent requests to have your number listed or delisted. All requests for listing or delisting will be effective within 7 working days.

  12. How can I access the residential number listings if the directories are not being printed anymore?
    You may dial '100' to access the directory enquiry service. All M1 fixed voice customers will enjoy three free directory enquiries per billing month. Thereafter, a fee of S$0.75 (inclusive of 7% GST) is applicable for each subsequent enquiry.