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Fonecare+ Pro now comes with Tech Buddy and Security Advisor!

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A one-stop service that ensures your device is secured and at hand whenever you need it. Plus, no contract required!


FoneCare+ Pro
Monthly Subscription

(Unlimited access to Tech Buddy)

Monthly Subscription


Unlimited Access to Tech Support

Unlimited Access to Tech Support

Get support and tips for your device with Tech Buddy.
(Only for FoneCare+ Pro)

Device Swap Or Replacement

Device Swap Or Replacement

Enjoy 2 swaps or 1 replacement and 1 swap in every 12 rolling months.

Speedy Free Delivery

Speedy Free Delivery

Enjoy free delivery right to your doorstep within 4 hours.

Handset Upgrade

Handset Upgrade

Get a swanky new handset every year.
(Applicable for Bespoke Contract)

Security Advisor

Security Advisor

Pre-emptive advisories for your online data with Security Advisor
(Only for Fonecare+ Pro)


Note: FoneCare+ / FoneCare+ Pro is not applicable for Samsung – Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold2/3 and HUAWEI – Mate Xs.

Connect with our tech experts and enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of device support and tips to get more out of your smartphone.

This includes setting up of phones, connecting to other devices and platforms, privacy configuration and more!

Only applicable with FoneCare+ Pro
Enjoy 2 Swaps or 1 Replacement and 1 Swap every rolling 12 months. Whenever you need to swap or replace your device, an additional service fee is applicable.
Retail Price
iPhones / iPads Other Devices (Including Foldable Devices)
< $1,000 $1,000 to $1,500 $1,501 to $2,000 > $2,000 < $600 $600 to $1,500 Device > $1500 or Foldables $1501 to $2000 > $2000 (Foldables only)
Swap $160 $175 $260 $300 $75 $125 $240 $500
(first 6 months)
$380 $575 $730 $890 $275 $425 $625 $1000
(after 6 months)
$290 $375 $530 $690 $175 $275 $480 $1000
Enjoy free delivery right to your doorstep within 4 hours.
Acceptance Time Delivery Time
Monday to Saturday, 8am to 2pm Within 4 hours of the Acceptance Time
Monday to Friday, between 2pm and midnight The next day before 12:00 noon
Monday to Saturday, midnight to 8am The same day before 12:00 noon
Saturday after 2pm to Sunday 10am Delivery by 6pm on Sunday*
Sunday after 10am Monday before 12:00 noon

*Chargeable at $85.60/trip (inclusive of GST)
Note: For deliveries that fall on a public holiday, the delivery will be made on the next day that is not a public holiday.

Enjoy up to $650 waiver on your early re-contract fee and new phone (if applicable), when you return your existing registered FoneCare+ device and early re-contract on your 12th – 20th month of your device contract:
iPhones and iPads Other Devices
Device Retail Price* $600 to $1200 $1201 to $1800 > $1800 $400 to $1000 > $1000
Early re-contract and device waiver amount (if applicable) $350 $500 $650 $50 $200

*Device Retail Price is the recommended SGD retail price of your device on the date the device was launched with M1.

Scan and monitor your email to stay informed and updated on breaches through real-time dark web monitoring. Get a monthly email detailing your data breach monitoring efforts.

Evaluate your digital security with a self-assessment to gauge your level of online safety.Uncover and acquire knowledge about the optimal security practices that will maintain the health of your cybersecurity habits.

Only applicable with FoneCare+ Pro

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Step 5

Upgrade your handset and enjoy greater savings after 12 months (Applicable for Bespoke Contract)


As a FoneCare+/FoneCare+ Pro subscriber, you can access a screen repair service from $99.
For more information, visit
Separate Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for FAQ on Screen Repair.